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Platinum PRO Portables, Inc., started as a family-owned and operated Luxury Portable Restroom Company based in Santa Clarita, CA, convenient to all of southern California. We offer our clients the most elegant, VIP luxury restroom trailers and high-quality site service equipment at any location of their choice with professional service. Whether you are planning a birthday or company party, wedding, special event large or small, or outdoor music festival, we will be there to provide the highest level of mobile luxury portable bathroom trailer rentals and other needed site services.


Luxury Portable Restroom Company
We have expanded over the years to meet client demands by offering more than luxury restroom trailers. We also offer a wide variety of site service rentals including portable toilets, hand washing stations, portable hot and cold deli sinks, fresh water and wastewater holding tanks for temporary office trailers and more uses, temporary fencing, privacy screen, pedestrian barricades, mobile vinyl picket fencing, steel barricades and other crowd control rentals.

Other services offered include residential and commercial septic, RV and other waste holding tank pumping.


The difference is our friendly, professional, timely, and caring attitude and commitment toward the service we provide. We focus on offering the highest quality service and equipment in the industry. People tend to mention how easy it is to get in contact with a representative quickly and are surprised by the amount of information we remember about them and their needs even if a month or more has passed since the last conversation. Clients can usually speak with someone right away and responses to online inquiries are handled within 24 hours generally, which we are often told that all our competitors take days, weeks, or longer to respond.

We make ourselves available, are very flexible, and understanding when it comes to our clients’ needs and schedules. We work with and around their schedules, unlike our competitors that have a more take it or leave it attitude and are not flexible for drop off, pickups, or terms as far as the length of minimum rentals, etc. We do everything possible to accommodate the needs of our clients.

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More Information on Porta Potty Rentals

What Are Porta Potties And How Can They Benefit Your Outdoor Event Or Activity?

Portable toilets have revolutionized the way we experience outdoor events and activities, providing convenient and sanitary solutions when traditional restrooms are unavailable. From toilet for camping and toilets portable to buckets toilets and porta potti, there’s a wide array of options to choose from, designed for various purposes such as camping, boating, and even for use during a natural disaster.


In this article, we will delve into the diverse world of portable toilets, including popular choices like the luggable loo toilet, RV toilets, and various types of portable camping solutions. We’ll also discuss the benefits of portable toilets for camping, and how they can enhance your overall outdoor experience, ensuring you have a comfortable and worry-free adventure.


Importance Of  Sanitation And Hygiene In Outdoor Settings

Portable toilets are essential to providing sanitation and hygiene in outdoor settings. Portable restrooms provide a safe, sanitary environment for people to use the toilet facilities while attending special events or engaging in other activities away from home. They offer convenience to those who do not have access to indoor plumbing, which is often necessary in remote locations or during large gatherings such as festivals, sporting events, etc.


The primary benefit of portable toilets is that they allow users to maintain comfort and privacy when using restroom facilities outdoors. These units typically include a toilet seat and flush mechanism with a water supply connected directly to it and some waste-holding tank underneath. Toilet paper is also provided to be disposed of properly after each use. In addition, many models come equipped with handwashing stations with soap dispensers for improved hygiene standards.


Providing adequate sanitation solutions for outdoor settings has become increasingly important as more people regularly engage in recreational activities outside their homes and attend public events.


Portable toilets help ensure that all participants can utilize restroom facilities without compromising their safety or health by eliminating potential sources of contamination due to inadequate sanitation practices.


How Are Portable Toilets Used As A Practical Solution?


Portable toilets are a practical solution for events and activities that take place outdoors. They provide an appropriate disposal system for waste, allowing large groups of people to use them easily. Portable toilets come in many shapes and sizes depending on the event or activity’s size, from small unit trailers to larger units capable of accommodating multiple users.


These portable toilet solutions offer flexibility as they can be easily moved from one location to another, ensuring sanitation standards at any outdoor event or activity. The toilet facilities also have access to fresh running water, so there is no need for manual flushing mechanisms.

Moreover, these water-based systems require minimal maintenance, making it easier for organizers to focus on other aspects of their event, such as catering and entertainment.


The availability of portable toilets means more convenience for participants and attendees alike, helping create a positive overall experience regardless of the type of event being held outside.

These mobile restrooms quickly become essential when planning events due to their reliability and affordability.


What Are The Different Types Of Portable Toilets?

Standard portable toilets are the most common type of portable toilet, and they provide basic sanitation services. ADA-compliant portable toilets are designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, including features such as grab bars, wide doors, and wheelchair ramps. Luxury portable toilets come with extra amenities such as air-conditioning, lighting, and flushing toilets. Combo units combine standard and luxury portable toilets, providing users with a more comfortable experience than a standard toilet.


Read more about each type in detail below.


Standard Porta Potty

Standard Portable Toilets are a convenient solution for outdoor events and activities. The most common type of portable toilet is the easy set, which features a folding design that allows for quick setup and breakdown. These toilets come with a waste bag attached to the inside of the unit, allowing users to easily discard any waste into it without coming in contact with it. These models typically feature a large capacity waste tank that can hold up to five gallons at once. This makes them ideal for larger groups or more extended use times. They are also lightweight and come in one complete package, making them perfect for travel.


ADA-Compliant Porta Potty

The container-based toilet is ideal for those looking for a high-end, ADA-compliant option in portable toilets. These units are designed with features such as extended height walls and grab bars that meet ADA standards for wheelchair accessibility. Additionally, these specialty units come equipped with handwashing stations to help users stay clean and hygienic after use.

Furthermore, they also tend to have more generous waste tanks than traditional porta-potties or portable folding toilets, making them suitable for larger groups or long-term use. Finally, they often feature amenities such as sanitary liners and flushing mechanisms that enhance the user experience.


Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers

Luxury portable restroom trailers are the ultimate solution for those seeking a comfortable and stylish toilet for camping, car camping, or any outdoor event. These upscale toilets boast a wide range of features and can be used for indoor and outdoor commodes, as folding portable toilets, and even camping porta potties. Their sophisticated designs ensure you’ll never have to settle for buckets toilets or a basic luggable loo toilet when enjoying your favorite outdoor activities like camping or embracing van life.


Portable Toilet and Sink Combo Units

Portable toilet and sink combo units are the perfect answer for those seeking comprehensive hygiene solutions while enjoying the great outdoors. These innovative toilets offer a convenient all-in-one package, combining various types of portable camping toilets with sinks, making them ideal as a toilet for camping, car camping, or van life adventures.


From folding portable toilets and camping porta potties to composting and cassette toilets, these combo units cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. They are designed to offer ultimate convenience during travel camping, ensuring you have a comfortable outdoor commode experience no matter the destination.


What Are The Key Features You Should Look For In A  Porta Potty?

Porta Potties are a convenient and hygienic solution for outdoor activities and events. When selecting a portable toilet, it is important to consider durability, as these toilets must withstand frequent use and environmental conditions. Additionally, odor control should be a priority, as unpleasant smells can be a major problem in an outdoor setting. As such, looking for portable toilets equipped with odor-eliminating vents and/or a chemical flush system is beneficial.


Read more about each feature in detail below.



When searching for the ideal portable toilet to use during your outdoor event or activity, durability should be a top priority. A wide variety of types of portable toilets are available on the market today, including cassette toilets, chemical toilets, dry flush toilets, folding toilets, mobile toilets, and portable travel toilets.


Of these options, wall-mounted models offer the most durable construction as they possess sturdy frames that can withstand long-term exposure to varying weather conditions with minimal risk of damage or breakdowns.


Many wall-mounted models also feature reinforced tanks, making them more resistant to cracking and leaking than their counterparts. Ultimately, this makes them an excellent choice for a reliable and durable solution to your portable toilet needs.


Odor Control

Odor control is very important when selecting a portable toilet for outdoor events or activities. Many modern models are equipped with lids or other contact points that provide better ventilation and reduce the potential for unpleasant smells to escape into the atmosphere.


Additionally, some models feature integrated fans or air filters, which can be operated via remote control, allowing users to maintain a fresh environment even in areas where space may be limited.


Furthermore, today’s tanks come in various sizes and shapes, providing more options than ever regarding their ability to contain odors inside the tank.


Ultimately, these features help ensure that those using the toilet do not have to worry about any lingering odor after use.


Ease of Use and Accessibility

One of the most significant benefits of portable toilets for camping is their ease of use and accessibility. Regardless of the type of portable camping toilet you choose, be it a folding portable toilet, a luggable loo toilet, or a cassette toilet, these innovative solutions ensure a stress- free and convenient experience.


They are designed to cater to various outdoor activities, including car camping, van life, camping boating, and travel camping, providing a practical outdoor commode option for any adventure.


Waste Capacity and Storage

Waste capacity and storage are crucial factors to consider when selecting the perfect portable toilet solution for your outdoor adventures. A toilet with adequate waste capacity ensures a hassle-free experience, minimizing the need for frequent emptying during your camping trip, RV journey, or any other outdoor activity.


Portable toilets come with different storage options, including detachable waste tanks, composting systems, or waste bags, all designed to make waste management simple and sanitary.


What Are The Common Uses And Applications Of Portable Toilets?

As the adage goes, “When nature calls, you have to answer,” portable toilets provide a vital solution for those who need to do their business outdoors or in remote locations.


Portable toilets are versatile restrooms designed with convenience and portability that people of all ages can use. For outdoor events, construction sites, camping trips, sporting events, and other activities where access to bathroom facilities may not be available, they offer an invaluable service that ensures everyone stays comfortable and clean throughout any event or activity.


Portable toilets come in many different types, from wheeled models, which often feature privacy curtains and hand sanitizing stations suitable for large-scale events such as concerts, festivals, and sporting matches, to smaller portable camping toilets for van life adventurers, backpackers, and hikers looking for lightweight solutions for use during travel.


All these factors ensure a pleasant experience when using a portable toilet, no matter what kind of environment it’s being used in. From temporary work sites to long-term recreational excursions having an accessible restroom nearby provides peace of mind knowing one doesn’t have too far to go when nature calls.


Tips For Renting And Using Porta Potties

Determine the Number of Portable Toilets Needed

Before renting portable toilets, consider the size and duration of your event or activity. Think about the number of attendees and the estimated frequency of restroom use. Ensuring an adequate number of portable toilets is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and sanitary environment.


Choose the Appropriate Type of Portable Toilet

Different types of portable toilets cater to various needs, from basic options to luxury restroom trailers. Analyze your event or activity’s requirements and select the type of portable toilet that best suits your needs. Consider factors such as accessibility, available space, and desired amenities, such as sinks or baby-changing stations.


Evaluate the Placement and Accessibility of Portable Toilets

The location of your portable toilets plays a crucial role in providing easy access and maintaining cleanliness. Position them on level ground, away from high-traffic areas, but within a reasonable distance from the main event. Ensure the area is well-lit and easily accessible for all attendees, including those with mobility challenges.


Plan for Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning of portable toilets are essential for a hygienic and pleasant experience. Coordinate with the rental company to establish a cleaning schedule, especially for multi-day events. A well-maintained portable toilet will provide a comfortable environment for your guests and reduce the risk of unpleasant odors.


Include Clear Signage and Directions

To help your guests locate the portable toilets quickly and easily, including clear signage and directions at your event or activity. This will not only save time for your attendees but also minimize confusion and frustration. Consider using large, easy-to-read signs and arrows to guide guests to the portable toilet area.


Review the Rental Company’s Policies and Fees

Before finalizing your portable toilet rental, review the rental company’s policies, fees, and any additional charges. Make sure you understand the costs involved, such as delivery, setup, maintenance, and pickup fees. Also, clarify any specific rules or guidelines the rental company may have in place regarding usage and waste disposal.


When selecting a portable toilet supplier, make sure you do your research and read customer reviews before making any commitment. Ask questions about their experience with setups like yours, and look out for hidden fees associated with rental agreements.


By carefully assessing all these factors beforehand, you can rest assured that your outdoor event or activity has been catered for properly with the right type of service from the ideal suppliers.


Elevate Your Outdoor Experience With a Portable Toilet

Portable toilets are an increasingly popular choice for outdoor events and activities. Their convenience and affordability make them a great option for sanitation needs in areas where traditional plumbing is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive.


Portable toilets provide an essential service by offering a convenient and sanitary restroom experience for your guests, whether at a large event, a small gathering, or even during a family camping trip.


Proper planning, selection, and maintenance of portable toilets are key to ensuring a pleasant and hygienic environment for all attendees.


By taking the time to consider factors such as waste capacity, accessibility, and location, you can make the most out of your portable toilet rental, ultimately contributing to the success of your outdoor event or activity. So, embrace the benefits of portable toilets and elevate your next outdoor experience to new heights.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Portable Toilets Typically Last?

Portable toilets, a staple for outdoor events, are designed with durability and longevity. It may be ironic that such simple equipment can last so long; however, on average portable toilets typically survive at least 10 years of frequent use due to their durable construction materials and regular maintenance practices.


Are Portable Toilets Environmentally Friendly?

Portable toilets have become an increasingly popular option for outdoor events and activities. While they offer great convenience, many people ponder the environmental impact of these temporary restrooms. In general, portable toilets are a much more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional restroom facilities. Portable toilet units require no plumbing or running water, meaning that they do not add to existing water consumption levels. Furthermore, their waste is usually contained within each unit’s holding tank, which can then be disposed of in an ecologically responsible manner.


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Portable Toilet?

Renting a portable toilet is like opening up a door to convenience and luxury for your outdoor event or activity. Depending on the type of unit you choose, combined with various other factors such as delivery distance and duration of use, costs will vary significantly. Generally speaking, single units can range from $80-$150 per day, while multiple units may cost anywhere between $100-$200 per day. Moreover, additional services such as handwashing stations and sanitation supplies can be added at an extra fee.


How Often Should Portable Toilets Be Serviced?

Portable toilets should be serviced regularly to ensure a sanitary environment for users. Generally, portable toilet servicing is recommended once every two weeks. However, this can vary based on the size of the event or activity and the amount of use the toilets receive.