Platinum Pro Portables

Luxury Portable Restrooms

Brandon and Kasey Dutcher met in September 2013 on the dance floor when their best friends married each other. And while it was a beautiful beginning for the couple, another seed was planted that day which would grow to become the Dutcher’s’ successful business.

When Brandon stumbled across luxury restroom trailers a few years later, he recognized how beneficial these facilities would be for weddings and other special events. So, as the Dutchers were establishing their growing family, the couple also launched their own business and saw it quickly expand as well.

Beginning with only luxury units, by Year 3 Brandon and Kasey saw the need to increase their fleet to better accommodate the wide-ranging styles of clients. To meet customer demand, Platinum Pro Portables quickly grew from just two luxury units to half a dozen luxury and deluxe units, in addition to hundreds of standard porta potties.

Currently, Platinum Pro Portables operates out of the Santa Clarita Valley and services areas from Central to Southern California. The company provides appropriate, affordable portable rentals which are available for any style of celebration or event. The response from clients invariably includes “Wow!” when describing the experience that clean, fully stocked portables provide their guests.

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