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Construction Restroom Trailers and Porta Potty Rentals for Orange County

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Orange County stands out in the heart of Southern California’s bustling construction industry for its impressive infrastructure and continuous development. Recognizing the critical importance of reliable and clean sanitation facilities on construction sites, Platinum Pro Portables proudly offers a comprehensive suite of construction porta potty rentals tailored to the diverse needs of Orange County’s projects. From standard temporary toilet rental units to ADA-compliant mobile restroom facilities with handwashing sink, our offerings are designed with the utmost consideration for safety, convenience, and the well-being of your crew.

Unmatched Quality and Service in Orange County Porta Potty Rentals

Our dedication to excellence in the event portable restroom industry extends seamlessly into our construction porta potty services. We understand that the functionality of a construction site can significantly impact its efficiency and morale. That’s why we offer clean, reliable, and spacious porta potty or restroom trailers to accommodate the needs of any construction site (including waste disposal and cleaning services), from short-term urban projects to long-term developments across Orange County.

Selection Criteria for Construction Portable Toilet Rentals

When selecting portable potties, consider the size and capacity to accommodate the workforce for convenience, comfort and hygiene. Look for durable units that can withstand the outdoor rigors of construction sites and provide weather resistance in the event of rain or the harsh sun conditions of Orange County. Ensure ease of maintenance, waste disposal and cleaning services are available to keep up the cleanliness of facilities for the duration of the project.

For more information on our Orange County construction toilet rentals, please call (661) 977-1973 during regular business hours.

A Comprehensive Range of Construction Portable Toilet Rentals for Orange County

Standard Portable Toilets: Our standard line of portable toilet rentals are engineered to exceed expectations, offering premium ventilation to reduce odor, anti-slip flooring, and a host of convenient features such as dual toilet paper tissue rolls and sanitary seat decks. Designed with translucent roofing for optimal natural lighting and a spacious interior, these units ensure comfort and privacy. Sinks, hand sanitizers, containment trays, and paper towel dispensers are standard for good hygiene, with the option for motion sensor solar lighting to enhance usability when outdoor natural light is not available.

Premium Porta Potty Rentals: For projects requiring a higher level of comfort and space, our premium porta potties present an ideal solution for temporary toilet rental. These units feature premium flushing toilets and up to 24% more floor space, accommodating the needs of job sites operating through colder months or those requiring additional room for gear and clothing. Equipped with non-splash urinals and sinks, plus convenient interior lighting, our premium restrooms redefine the standards for construction site sanitation and hygiene.

ADA-Compliant Units: Addressing the need for accessible sanitation solutions, our ADA-compliant porta potties are equipped with anti-slip flooring, superior ventilation, and antiseptic hand cleansers, ensuring accessibility and safety for all users. These units are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, providing an ample clean space and features for users with disabilities.

Specialized Accessories for Enhanced Sanitation: Recognizing that each construction site in Orange County has unique needs, we offer the flexibility to add specialized accessories to your porta potty rentals. Our construction handwashing stations, available in single, two-station, or four-sink configurations, are a perfect complement to our temporary toilet facilities, promoting cleanliness and germ-free conditions on-site.

construction portable restroom and handwash station rental in orange county

Luxury Restroom Trailers for Elevated Construction Projects: Our mobile construction restroom trailers offer a luxurious alternative for long-term construction projects requiring an upscale approach to on-site restrooms. These trailers provide superior comfort and convenience, featuring multiple stations with separate stalls, urinals, sleek countertops, dual vanities, hot water, air conditioning, led lighting, flush toilet and more.

Dedicated to Serving Orange County’s Construction Industry

At Platinum Pro Portables, we are committed to supporting Orange County’s construction sector with portable restroom rentals that cater to every need. Our expertise and dedication to customer service ensure that your construction site is equipped with the best sanitation facilities, contributing to your project’s overall success and efficiency.

Tailored Solutions for Every Project: We understand that no two construction projects are alike, which is why we offer customized porta potty and restroom trailer rentals. Our knowledgeable team works closely with you to determine the best fit for your project, ensuring that your site’s specific requirements are met precisely and carefully.

Seamless Delivery, Maintenance, and Removal: Our full-service approach includes the delivery, regular servicing, and removal of porta potties and restroom trailers, ensuring that your construction site maintains high standards of cleanliness and functionality throughout the project’s duration.

Contact Us Today for Your Construction Porta Potty Needs in Orange County

Whether you’re overseeing a major infrastructure project or a residential build, Platinum Pro Portables is here to provide the sanitation solutions you need to keep your site running smoothly. For more information on our construction porta potty rentals or to get a quote, please call (661) 977-1973 during regular business hours.


Let us help you create a construction site that’s productive and prioritizes the hygiene and comfort of your workforce. We look forward to partnering with you to fulfill all your construction site sanitation needs in Orange County.