Construction Restroom Trailers and
Porta Potty Rentals
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Construction Portable Toilet Rentals with Hand Wash Stations
Construction Restroom Trailers with Hand Wash Stations

Portable Toilet Rental for Construction Sites – Los Angeles Area

Southern and Central California are known and loved for their beautiful scenery and captivating coastlines. They’re also areas of the state that are known for their impressive infrastructures. At Platinum Pro Portables, we have long recognized the need for construction sites to have convenient, clean, and comfortable construction restroom toilets available to workers. Whether it’s toilets for a short-term city center office project or a long-term construction undertaking, our company is committed to providing sanitation services and solutions of the highest quality in construction site bathroom rental options.

Clean, Reliable, Porta Potty or Restroom Trailers for Construction Sites

Construction sites are often pre-planned projects, but sometimes, unexpected events lead to construction sites needing to be established in the name of disaster recovery and relief. No matter what the reasons may be, at Platinum Pro Portables, we know that having clean, reliable, and spacious portable restroom trailers or construction porta potty options are vital to a site for it to ultimately function efficiently.

Construction site employees deserve clean and convenient on-site restroom toilets and wash stations. At Platinum Pro Portables, we have the product options to match the needs of any project. We deliver and maintain construction portable toilets that are ideal for commercial construction projects, work on suburban tracts and housing projects, public works projects, or anything build in between!

For more information on our construction portable toilet rentals or construction restroom trailers, please call (661) 977-1973 during regular business hours.

Construction Temporary Bathroom Pump Truck

Types of Construction Portable Bathroom Rentals

Picking the right construction site bathroom rental isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer up a variety of restroom products to meet our client’s business needs.

Home construction projects and smaller city projects alike often benefit from our standard line of portable restrooms. These construction porta-potty rentals offer the space, privacy, and cleanliness customers are looking for while fitting well within a budgeted cost.

Standard line toilet units go above and beyond expectations when it comes to the inclusion of a long lineup of convenient restroom features. Our customers can count on these construction toilet rentals to have everything they deserve, from premium ventilation and anti-slip flooring to dual tissue rolls and sanitary seat decks.

Our standard unit construction porta-potties even include translucent roofing for optimal lighting as well as a roomy interior so that occupants will feel comfortable at all times. A portable bathroom rental for construction sites has never been easier. Our standard unit porta potties include sinks, hand sanitizer, containment trays, and paper towel dispensers for added convenience. Motion sensor solar lighting is also another option.

Customers looking for even more room and added comfort often select our premium line of construction porta-potty rentals. This line includes premium flushing toilet standards, as well as up to 24% more floor space to enjoy.

When you’re searching for portable washroom facilities rental for construction sites, our line of premium mobile restrooms has much to offer. These restroom models are designed to include non-splash urinals and sinks, as well as convenient interior lighting standards. The added space makes the premium solution ideal for winter construction projects in which bulky clothing is required daily.

In the event that a specialized porta-potty is required at a construction site, the team at Platinum Pro Portables is happy to be able to cater to customers looking for ADA-compliant toilets. Complete with anti-slip flooring and superior ventilation options, our ADA units also include antiseptic hand cleansers.

Access to Specialized Accessories – Construction Hand Wash Stations

No two construction sites are the same, so the professionals at Platinum Pro Portables know that the mobile restroom requirements they offer have to be flexible enough to match. Often, it’s the options to add in helpful accessories that make all the difference in the on-site experience.

We’re happy to work with customers that are looking to pair a convenient construction handwashing station with their lineup of portable toilets. When cleanliness and sanitary conditions are a priority, these handwashing stations can make it easy to keep everyone on-site as germ-free as possible.

Our lineup of two-station (stations offer single, two station, or dual user and 4 sink/user options) hand-washing sinks can be paired with our standard or premium porta-potty rentals for your convenience. Easy to place and just as easy to use, these stations are a great way to keep your construction team healthy while they’re on the job.

We also offer temporary fencing for your job sites as part of your package with Platinum Pro.

Luxury Upgrades – Construction Restroom Trailers

When a long-term construction project requires an elevated approach to on-site restrooms, Pro Platinum Portables carries a collection of mobile construction restroom trailers that are just as well suited to large events as they are to extensive city projects. These portable restroom trailers feature anywhere from two stations to five stations and include separate stalls, multiple urinals, sleek countertops, dual vanities, hot water, air conditioning, and more.

Catering to Construction Site Requirements for Portable Toilets

No matter what the construction project may be, Platinum Pro Portables is your premium partner when it comes to all things for on-site mobile restrooms. Together, we can help you to create a construction site that’s convenient, comfortable for workers, and always focused on hygiene.

Our staff is dedicated to making sure that every customer we work with feels valued and cared for. We make it simple to get your porta-potty units onto the worksite, serviced and pumped out regulary and carried away as needed. Our customer service team is friendly and knowledgeable and is committed to making sure that every customer has the time they need to explain their project and requirements before they settle on product options.

We understand that every customer’s needs are different, and we are happy to be able to offer up customized solutions throughout Southern and Central California for your construction porta potty or more spacious restroom trailer needs. We’ve long equipped construction sites with the portable toilet options they need to let go of the stress that’s related to such basic functionalities so that their focus can remain on the project at hand.

While many of our customers come to us looking for a specific line of portable construction restroom options that cater to their construction site needs, just as many approach us in need of a combination of useful construction sanitation products. We’re here to help with that process, too.

Porta Potty, Portable Toilets that Flush, or Restroom Trailer Rentals for Construction Sites in Los Angeles and Other Southern California Locations

We provide portable toilet rentals for construction sites in Los Angeles and surrounding areas including Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Simi Valley, and Ventura County so give a call today.