COVID-19 and the effects on the Construction Industry.

Apr 14, 2020

As the majority of the US has come to a grinding halt with many states imposing quarantine and stay at home measures, the construction industry continues to move forward.

The construction industry in California has seen little change and continues to press on. Social distancing practices and higher than normal standards of workplace hygiene have been put in place to help ensure the safety of workers. In many areas, face masks or face coverings have been made mandatory at places of work. Cities, like Los Angeles, have made it clear to the citizens that everyone needs to have a face cover when leaving their homes and entering essential businesses.

Many of these measures are being implemented to meet or go above and beyond the recommendation of the CDC.

Thinking about the future, it’s difficult to not assume that many of these practices are going to become the norm.

Will society ever go back to how it was pre-COVID-19? Will masks and face coverings become a normal, everyday practice for the majority of US citizens? Will the government mandate extra measures to ensure people are complying? Will stay-at-home measures become a yearly practice?

What will local businesses and manufacturers do to up their sanitary practices? We have already seen a large increase in the need for portable hand washing stations and hand sanitizer. Will this continue to increase and become a new normal? Will this completely create a new level of need and service within the sanitation industry?

One thing is clear, the way this pandemic is being handled shows how very serious the situation is to the entire population.

Remember to wash your hands frequently. The CDC recommends washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and if soap is not available, use hand sanitizer that contains a minimum 60% alcohol. Refrain from touching your face. Social distancing is always a good practice in public. Let’s all give each other a little more space. It will help us all stay healthy.