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Portable Hand Washing Station Rental for Events
Porta Potty Hand Wash Station

Single or Multi-Station Hand Wash Stations

Our single, 2 Station and ADA+2 station portable hand washing sink rental units go perfectly with a standard porta potty portable restroom rental. These portable sinks are a great addition to any job site or location that requires added hand washing and sanitary practices such as warehouse, shipping centers, studio sets, location utilizing restroom trailers, portable food, and beverage carts, etc.

Single Portable Hand Washing Station
1 sink, 1 paper towel dispenser, 1 soap anti-bacterial dispenser. A foot pump allows a hands-free sink operation. (Average 992, 2oz. dispenses)

Double Portable Hand Washing Station
2 sinks, 2 paper towel dispensers, 2 soap anti-bacterial dispensers. Foot pumps allow for a hands-free sink operation. (Average 1405, 2oz. dispenses)

Super 2 User Portable Sink
High-capacity Double Portable Sink – 2 sinks, 2 paper towel dispensers, 2 soap anti-bacterial dispensers. Foot pumps allow for a hands-free sink operation. (Average 2880, 2oz. dispenses) *Optional ADA sink attachment available to offer an ADA compliant option. Turn the Super 2 into a 3 sink station with wheelchair accessibility.

ADA sink
Attachments that are available to add on with the Super 2 User Portable Sink – This attachment turns our high capacity Super 2 user portable handwash station into a 3 sink option that is ADA compliant and offers a usable sink for wheelchair accessibility. These attachments are easily installed and operated with a forearm pump lever at the sink level.

Portable Sink Rentals Available Too

3 Compartment Hot/Cold Utility Sink (Deli Sink)

Our portable hand-built three-compartment sinks are built with heavy-duty commercial-grade faucets and sprayers running hot and cold water. All hoses and fittings are commercial grade. On-board water heaters are plumbed and wired to provide the user with easy use. These temporary sinks do require an external water supply and a drain or wastewater containment tank is required.

Prep before, or clean up after, made easy with plenty of room to spread out on the spacious surface and sink space with these portable 3 compartment sink rentals .


  • Industrial nozzles
  • Large washing faucet
  • Hand wash faucet
  • Soap dispenser
  • Water inlet w/regulator
  • On-board water heaters
Height 62 in
Width 8 in
Depth 20 in
Fresh Water Capacity 15.5 gal
Gray Water Capacity 19 gal
Empty Weight 47 lbs
Full Weight Capacity 177 lbs
Paper Towel Capacity 350 sheets ea