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Luxury Restroom Trailers for Riverside’s Finest Events

Platinum Pro Portables extends our luxury portable restroom rental services to Riverside, bringing a touch of elegance and unparalleled service to your events. As in our flagship store, our focus is on providing a premium experience for your guests, with luxury restrooms that offer comfort, a statement of care, and attention to detail. Equipped with the finest amenities and designed to accommodate events of any scale, our luxury portable toilet trailers ensure that your Riverside County event stands out for all the right reasons.

Porta Potty Rentals Tailored for Riverside

In Riverside, Platinum Pro Portables answers the call for reliable, high-quality porta potty rental facilities. Drawing on our experience in LA, we offer a range of porta potty rentals, including ADA-compliant units with safety features like anti-slip floors and ample interior space. Whether for a construction project, weddings, outdoor festival, or any other outdoor gathering, our porta pottys are serviced with the highest cleanliness and safety standards, ensuring your sanitation needs are seamlessly met.

Different Types Of Luxury Porta-Potties

It’s essential to differentiate between several types to understand the range of options available for different needs and preferences.

  • Luxury Porta Potty: These are upgraded versions of a standard porta potty chemical toilet, featuring high-quality materials and luxurious amenities like a flushing toilet and sink.
  • Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer: These trailers offer a more spacious and upscale restroom experience, often equipped with multiple stalls, vanity areas, air conditioning, and elegant decor.
  • Luxury Portable Restrooms: These standalone units are designed to resemble upscale bathrooms, with features such as marble countertops, wood flooring, air fresheners, and full-length mirrors.
  • Specialty Luxury Porta Potties: Some companies offer themed luxury porta potties for events, such as VIP-style restrooms with lounge areas, music systems, and custom decorations.

Types of Restroom Trailers

When considering restroom trailer rental options, it’s essential to understand the different types of portable restroom trailers available. Standard restroom trailers typically offer basic amenities like sinks, flush toilets, and lighting, suitable for most events. For more upscale occasions, luxury restroom trailers provide a higher-end experience with comfort features and elegant high-end amenities such as upscale interiors, air conditioning, and premium fixtures. ADA-accessibility compliant restroom trailers are designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity at your event. Understanding the variations in restroom trailers from fancy to really extravagant will help you select the most suitable option for your specific needs, whether it’s a wedding, construction site, or outdoor festival.

For more information on our weddings and luxury toilet rentals for Riverside events, please call (661) 977-1973 during regular business hours.

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Deluxe and Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailers

Our impeccably clean, sanitary portable restroom trailers offer a higher level of style with exclusive features for superior comfort and convenience. Our deluxe washroom rentals include posh upscale features such as recessed LED lighting, air conditioning, beveled glass mirrors, and brushed aluminum ceilings. Deluxe portable toilets can host 2-4 guests and can hook up to city facilities. Our luxury portable toilet rentals include oversized bathrooms, upgraded décor and sinks, A/C, heat, hot water, stereo, chandeliers, and floor-length mirrors. This lavish and extraordinary hospitality will be sure to impress your guests!

Lavatory Hygiene: Hand Washing Stations

Sanitizing stations maintain cleanliness and safety, whether you have personal parties on your property or are responsible for maintaining a work site. Festivals, outdoor fairs and other large venues also require consistent upkeep with the volume of guests throughout the event.

About Our Portable Toilet Rental Company

We are a family-owned and operated portable restroom company that serves Riverside and the surrounding areas. We offer a large selection of mobile units, from standard porta potties to the ultimate upscale amenities in portable luxury restroom trailers for maximum comfort and convenience in an outdoor washroom lavatory. We believe in providing excellent and professional customer service in delivery, pickup and ongoing facilities sanitation maintenance and waste disposal for longer term construction temporary toilets. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure our clients are completely satisfied. With our great staff, dependable on-time delivery and pick up, and our pristine stylish high-end mobile toilet trailers that flush and have sinks, you and your guests will have a hassle-free and memorable experience from start to finish!

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We can provide you with a portapotty rental quote for your Riverside location, whether you need a single deluxe porta potty unit, multiple porta potties, or portable restroom trailers. Our services perfectly match Riverside California venues like Fairmount Park, The Riverside Botanic Gardens, Lake Evans, Citrus State Historic Park, and The Hidden Oaks Retreat Center, ready to elevate any outdoor event. So, whether it’s a public venue or your own backyard, we are personally invested in all our customers in Riverside, and we would love to accommodate your portable toilet rental needs. Please submit an inquiry form today.

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